No time to cook healthy meals for your family? No need to worry, we are here to help!

Personal Chef Services

How Does it Work?

We cook delicious, healthy, personalized meals in your home!

A personalized menu is created by your chef. Your chef brings the groceries to your home and prepares a homemade meal in your kitchen. Your kitchen is left clean and your fridge is stocked with healthy food for the week.

Due to COVID this service is cooked at our location and meals are delivered to you!

Dinner Party Option

Enjoy a Private Chef Service in the comfort of your own home. Whether for a romantic evening, a birthday celebration or a family get-together, we give you a unique way to enjoy a meal.

We’ll transform your home into one of the city’s best restaurants but devoted to our only patrons: you and your guests. Simply tell us your culinary preferences and our chefs will send you original menu ideas designed around your personal tastes.

On the day of the service, your chosen chef will buy the freshest ingredients, cook and serve the meal in your home. Best of all, they’ll leave your kitchen cleaner than when they arrived!