Team building

Looking for a fun interactive way to entertain your team and learn to cook a delicious meal?

We offer live zoom classes, taught by a professional chef to lead your team through a delicious recipe of your choice. Not only is this a fun way to bring your team together but it’s also a great way to offer your team the culinary knowledge they need to have a healthier lifestyle.

Our team building cooking classes are personalized to meet your company’s goals.

We have 2 corporate class structures

Masterchef Challenge

This class is meant to infuse a little friendly competition into your class. The goal of the class is to execute and plate your dish as per the Chef's demonstration but switching up or adding only 1 ingredient of your team's choice. (This is decided by each team before the class). The team who presents the most original and well plated dish wins the title of Masterchef!

Learning based

This is perfect for a group who is looking to learn new Culinary techniques, recipes and bond through the process. The chef will guide the participants through a recipe of your choice and teach interesting facts and tips.

Our menu item options are

Nonna's kitchen

Fresh ricotta Gnocchi with marinara sauce and Italian salad.

Spice Route

Pad Thai, rice paper spring rolls and peanut dipping sauce.

Fresh Pizza with Caesar Salad

Mexican Fiesta

Black bean and cheese tortilla, fresh salsa and chunky guacamole.

Sushi Class

Let’s fly to Japan and learn about the ancient art of sushi from the masters. This is a great party choice for the sushi lovers! Learn to make perfectly cooked and seasoned sushi rice from a professional chef. While our rice is cooking and cooling, participants will learn about knife skills and making the perfect Julienne cuts on the vegies of their choice. Once the “mise en place” is complete, we will roll and shape our maki rolls using bamboo sushi mats and perfect our rolling technique. Using our leftovers, we will make a delicious sushi salad! Participants have the option to use the following ingredients: Cucumber, carrot, avocado, imitation crab, sesame seeds, fruit of choice.

Sweet tooth

Choice of 2 sweets from the following: Chocolate chip, Chocolate crinkle cookies, Thumbprint, Brownie, Mini Cheesecake, Rainbow vanilla cheesecake, Triffle, Chocolate balls, Cookie dough stuffed oreos, Birthday cake cookies, Lemon cookies, Biscotti, Oatmeal chocolate chip cookie bar, Chocolate covered strawberries.

Live virtual cooking classes for your team on Zoom.

2 hours class, 1.5 hours of cooking, 30 minutes for team discussion.

Pick from any of our adult class options or our MasterChef competition option.

We also offer custom menus.

Fill out the form so we can discuss your options

Fill out the form so we can discuss your options

Corporate Team building